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Skrybox Paranormal Ghost Box

1.99 usd

This is Skrybox. Its a tool I designed for use in my paranormal pursuits, primarily for ITC sessions. Real-Time access to your devices Microphones Real-Time audio feed with frequency alterations (Please use headphones for best results) Record EVP sessions from within the app and playback instantly. White Noise generation from randomly fluctuating math function in code - no Prerecorded noise files. WordFlow random text generation from Huge vocabulary list of over 100,000 words. Record Live Audio from within Skrybox. (Not Available on some older Android devices)
So heres the deal. Skrybox has been downloaded thousands of times and people love it and hate it. Its not like anything else out there, to be sure. Theres videos out there of people getting crazy results with it. Ive gotten powerful, emotional results and intelligent response.
Ive got a huge overhaul in the works, and when I release it, the price is going up.
Thank you for your support and I do sincerely hope you find what it is youre looking for.